Peter Kowalczyk
Peter Kowalczyk

Hi, I'm Peter 🙂

Solo entrepreneur sharing knowledge on how to build 7-digit businesses and mentally survive it ðŸĪŠ

Now giving back and building in public 🍍 - website, blog, and shop builder for creators to empower people and help them monetize their skills.

They say: "Build great business

and meaningful life."

But why? ðŸĪ”

Here you will find my 35 years of pondering on why to build a business and serve humanity. As for me building a business is a great way to understand the world and find meaning in life. I am sharing all my learnings here as this is the best way to grow. I truly believe in global collaboration and communities for a happier life for all. ✌ðŸŧ

"Life is a lesson. You learned it when you're through"

- Fred Durst

My Learnings:

Business ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸ’ŧ

How to build your tech startup and stay sane. How to iterate fast, learn and find your first customers.

Sports ðŸšīðŸŧ

All about sports from Kitesurfing, Surfing, Skiing, hiking, to Enduro bike riding.

Life ðŸ‘Ŧ

Why do we live? What's the purpose? How to live a fulfilling life.

Health 🍎

Your body is a vehicle. Maintain it good to drive your further.

Tech ðŸ“Ą

How to build successful products 7x faster? It's all here.

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