21 March 2023 -



DAY1 :Start a Business in 48 hours with ChatGPT4: Your Step-by-Step Guide


Day: 1 Building business in under 48h with AI chatGPT4

Here you will find all the steps and recordings on executing it step by step so that you can replicate it for your business.

Why under 48h? Because that's the common advice from successful Indie Hackers. Test your initial idea fast and iterate on it. It doesn't mean you have to abandon it if you are not getting any results, but I would rather grow it further by iterating on the feedback from your first customers.


STEP 1: (1st hour) ⏰

Goal: Decide what type of business you want to run. As it will give you a lot of tailwinds if you match your initial skills with your business, let's ask AI to help us with some possibilities.

The Prompt

Here is the first prompt to start with ideas matching your current skills. The first step is to pick the Type of business you want to run 👇🏻


I am a website developer and designer. What kind of business should I start in under 48h hours?


ChatGPT4 vs ChatGPT3.5

chat3 5_comp_1
chat3 5_comp_1

A quick comparison of Chat GPT versions. Out of the box, the 4v version is more creative, but I like how 3.5v is to the point. But this is how it should be based on OpenAi info.

chat4 vs_3_5_comparison
chat4 vs_3_5_comparison

Verdict? Both versions are still amazing, and you can ask more detailed questions to get better results for your case.

Refine further

I was unsure what the difference was between 1st option and 3rd, so I asked about it.

Screenshot 2023_03_21_at_15_23_26_2
Screenshot 2023_03_21_at_15_23_26_2

Now it makes a bit more sense, and as specializing is always great, so for my case, I will pick "Landing Page Designs". 🎉‍️

TIP: Don't spend more than one hour on it, as we will refine this idea further in the next 48h. Remember, the goal is to build our business in under 48h, so we have a starting point to grow it further.

Next steps:

Great work, as we have decided what type of business we want to start. Let's see how AI can help us further.

Screenshot 2023_03_21_at_15_34_13
Screenshot 2023_03_21_at_15_34_13

The overall process looks good, but it might be overkill for now. Let's cover the first three steps and refine the points later.

Next steps are coming soon...

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