22 March 2023 -



Step 2: How to Put Your Business Online with AI and chatGPT


Step 1: Skip your branding 🤦🏼

First, customers don't buy because of your brand but because of YOU 🫵🏻

Step 2: Skip the research 😅

You already have some basic knowledge. The rest we can refine and research by building. With this approach, we will learn faster as we know what questions and answers to gather for our project.

Step 3: Start building 💪

Ok, so the next step is to build a website where we can:

  • Present our business with an offer to buy

  • Gather leads with emails

  • Collect payments and schedule calls

You shouldn't spend more than 4 hours on the first two points. I assume you are not a developer, marketer, designer, or copywriter, so you can complete the next step on your own.

1. Start your website (1st hour) ⏰

Goal: Kickstart a website on a platform that will support our business from the start and help us to grow. As we use AI to help us, the platform should support it, be flexible for our requirements, and be very easy to use. Again, I assume that you are not having any technical skills or wish to learn, as at this point, it will be a waste of time and won't bring too much value to your business.

The prompt

Outline my website


Results were quite generic and forced me to ask more questions... After about 3 hours, I figure out that we need to teach it much more about our business, target audience and what we want to achieve on a specific page.

Here is the result for slightly tuned ChatGPT 👇🏻

chat GPT_pineapple
chat GPT_pineapple

Results are much more precise with examples, which I can reuse on my website. Nice and simple 🙂

I will keep on working on making it even better... Stay tuned 🎉‍️

WIP - more is coming

The Website Builder

I will later add an article with a simple comparison of website builders. For now, I will use www.PineappleBuilder.com, which I've been using for many websites (this included). Let's go 🚀

Step 1: Setting up your website

Step 2: Outline your website

Step 3: Update your website copy

Step 4: Add your offer

Step 5: Capture leads

Step 6: Publish

Step 7: Add your domain

The Prompt


Outline landing page for my Landing Page agency, where I build highly convertible landing pages for Saas businesses.

Next steps are coming soon...

You can follow more updates here and on Twitter 👉🏻https://twitter.com/peter_kow/status/1638086325571133440

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