30 November 2022 -



8 Years of Full-Time Business Building: Learnings to Help Your Business Succeed


2014 - 8 years ago! Today was my anniversary of starting the Entrepreneurship road full-time. Although I had my first business at 12 years old (printing bike stickers), so I could buy gear for my bike. From then, I had many ideas and tried to build businesses, but 2014 was the year when I decided to do it full-time. Yes, best decision ever!

I got my first stunning results after 4+ years:

1️⃣ Built Tech Accelerator Aurity.co ∓7 digits dev shop

2️⃣ Bought 2nd🏡 in London

3️⃣ Reinvesting $500k into 🍍 Website Builder to empower small businesses 🚀

Overnight success? Not much 😃

Learnings 👇🏻

1️⃣ Everything takes 2-5x more time

- Make sure you are prepared for that and have enough runway (a good runway is 2-3 years)

- Prepare your plan A, B and C, for your mental health so you are not overstressed when things go sideways

- Iterate fast, make mistakes, learn and repeat

2️⃣ Be humble

- At the being, it might look easy. That you know everything. But you don't. It takes time to take on perspective.

- I will repeat it 👉🏻 no you don't understand it! Yet.

3️⃣ Overdeliver to learn

- Best paying options might give you less experience and exposure. Put your hard work first and overdeliver to learn.

- Take interesting projects where you can learn, collaborate with others and partner up.

- You learn way faster with others and by teaching/ sharing your knowledge as it revalidates and makes you understand it better.

4️⃣ 10x everything

- If you want to build a business, you must build it 10x better than others. When you get there, finding new clients won't be a problem

- Create a process first and then automate it

- Don't build from scratch and reuse things as much as possible. Speed is everything.

5️⃣ Understand your market and problems first

- Work with your clients to learn their perspective and real pain points, then build services/ automation/products around it

- Don't build custom solutions for your customers until you understand their problems. It requires 3-4 years of learning first.

6️⃣ Reinvest, reinvest and repeat

- Don't spend money on useless shit. Cars, luxury things, and other things won't help you to grow and will be just a distraction

- Reinvest all the money into business, trainings, tools, and hires.

- Invest in properties, your pensions and stocks (in this order, stocks are very risky!)

7️⃣ Health

- If you push it too hard, you will burn and waste time recovering from it.

- Your brain doesn't function when it's overworked and stressed. Exercise, go for a trip

- Hang out with friends and family, it will help your overall wellbeing

8️⃣ Start with Why?

- I've started 14 businesses, and the first businesses your start for "money". It's great and can be fast to make money, but it's easy to get bored or lost drive as you won't enjoy it.

- Start with your "Why". Define what excites you and what you want to do or build, how you want to help and change the world. This will give you the ultimate drive to grow and build your business despite the challenges.

And more...

You need to have it all to have healthy and happy business/life. Nice MRR doesn't make you happy or healhy in the long run.

Having it all together is the end goal.

Enjoy your ride as it will be 🎢 , so have fun on the way. I will share more updates and details here, so subscribe and let me know what I should write next on Twitter.

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